Learn From the Best at the AMTA 2019 National Convention

AMTA 2019 National Convention

Earn a Year’s Worth of the Highest Quality CE Hours in Massage Therapy 

Many of the country’s leading massage CE presenters will be at the AMTA 2019 National Convention, October 24-26 in Indianapolis, IN. 

With 30+ continuing education sessions to choose from, you can enhance your massage skills with a variety of shorter CE sessions or take a deep dive into a full-day hands-on class. 

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These Popular Classes Are Filling Up Fast

Work Smarter, Not Harder: What I do Instead of Deep Tissue Massage with Jessica Van Antwerp 

Are deep tissue massage techniques wearing you down? Want a more productive way to release muscle knots, adhesions, and spasms with less effort? Learn a subtle yet profoundly effective way to treat your client’s issues, while preserving your own body.

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Myofascial Release for Plantar Fasciitis (Hands-on) with Garry Adkins

Experience myofascial release utilizing an indirect, gentle approach to help relieve plantar fasciitis. This technique can aid in alleviating pain, enhancing athletic performance, and increasing flexibility. Learn how massage therapy can benefit this condition, even in severe cases.

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Integrated Neuromuscular Therapy  (Hands-on with table) with Dr. Theresa Schmidt 

Massage therapists typically use deep compression to relieve trigger points, often resulting in their own hand strain and/or pain. Research shows the value of combining positional release with PNF/muscle energy for positive outcomes. This work allows release of painful TPs with gentle movement, to save therapist’s hands and ease client’s discomfort.

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Essentials of Orthopedic Assessment  (Hands-on with table)

Whitney Lowe, BA, LMT directs the Academy of Clinical Massage. His philosophy of education encourages both innovation and outcome-based therapeutic solutions. 

Massage therapists are called on with increasing frequency to treat pain and injury problems, and they may only have basic level skills for evaluation, application and interpretation of results. This session provides essential strategies and methods for employing orthopedic assessment that can be used right away to best help your clients.

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